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Emergency Important

Emergency Calls Tel No.
Tourist Service Centre 1672
Tourist Police 1155
Highway Police 1193
Mobile Police 191
Fire Brigades 199
Credit Card Issuer Tel No.
Visa 02 256 7324
Mastercard 02 232 2039
Diners Club 02 238 3660
American Express 02 273 0022
Useful Numbers in Chiang Mai Tel No.
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Chiang Mai 0 5324 8604
0 5324 8607
0 5330 2500
Tourist Police 0 5327 8559
0 5327 8798
Main Police Station 0 5381 4313 to 4
Chiang Mai Railway Station 0 5324 5363 to 4
Chiang Mai International Airport Office 0 5327 0222 to 4
Immigration 0 5327 7510
0 5320 1755



Chiangmai Central Memorial Hospital

Chiangmai Central Memorial Hospital

Address: 186/2 Changklan Road, Chiang Mai

Tel: (+66) 53-819333-40, 053-277090

Chiangmai Lanna Hospital

Address: 1 Rd, Sukkasem, Chang Phuak, Chiang Mai

Tel: (+66) 53-999777, 053-999797

Maharaj Hospital

Address: 10 Suthep Road, Suthep, Chiang Mai

Tel: (+66) 53 221-517-8

Chiangmai Ram Hospital JCI accreditation ISO accreditation

Address: 8 Boonreungrit Road, Chiang Mai

Tel: (+66) 53-920300

McCormick Hospital

Address: 133 Kaewnawart Road, Waket, Chiang Mai

Tel: (+66) 53 921777

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Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are prohibited for those under 20 years of age. Smoking is banned on public transportation and in some public areas.

Show respect to religious images and do not climb or sit on them. On public transportation such as subway trains or bus, eating and drinking are considered bad manners. There are some traditional customs such as taking off shoes before entering a private home.

The average price for a cup of coffee is around 25-50 Baht and is 25 Baht or above for a sandwich. The average price for a meal in town is around 50-100 Baht. The average price for a bus ride in Chiang Mai is around 20-80 Baht.

Tap water is potable in Thailand except in public restrooms. Water is readily available. A bottle of water is about 7-10 Baht.

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