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“Exploring Chiang Mai through the Lens of Coffee”

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Program A

Station 1: Pa Miang Royal Project Development Center (ศูนย์พัฒนาโครงการหลวงป่าเมี่ยง)

The center was established as demonstration or learning center regarding mushroom cultivation and coffee planting for farmers. As it sets itself on the area of 60 rais, which is located in Pang-bong village and mostly surrounded by evergreen forest, river and mountain, Visitors can enjoy various types of tours. Firstly, you can visit agricultural research center and Arabica coffee farm. Moreover, this place will introduce you a rich culture of local people as well as their lifestyle. Additionally, this trip is a great chance to become one with nature by trekking through the forest, observing cave and seeing 80 meters high-waterfall.

Station 2: Teen Tok Royal Project Development Center (ศูนย์พัฒนาโครงการหลวงตีนตก)

The center provides tourists with a chance to experience agro-tourim, cultural tourism and nature tourism all in one place. Firstly, they can visit, taste, buy, and take a photograph anytime they wish around the interior area of center which locates models of growing plants, including winter plants, potted plants and vanilla. Moreover, they can get to know more Arabica coffee and Miang garden as well. Secondly, the center offers a chance to admire the ways of life, local wisdom, painting ancient Miang, amusement and Thai blessing ceremony in Ban Mae Ka Pong. The last highlight is to visit the view point at Doi Mon Lan in which the forest is dense and thick and full of eaglewood, wild orchids and Wild Himalayan cherry which bears fruit spectacularly in winter.

Station 3: Pana Coffee (พานาคอฟฟี่)

“The Coffeenery project or Coffee Education Center” where farmers or those who are really into coffee can explore, learn from workshop and share knowledge of coffee, from growing, processing, to roasting and cupping. Additionally, there will be a fertilising plant where expert turns coffee pulps and other organic compounds into organic composts, and a coffee quality control and organic test lab. All of which make visitors greater understand the world of coffee.

Station 4: Ristr8to Café (ร้านกาแฟริสเตอโต)

Meet fantastic coffee cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is guaranteed by a degree of 5th place World Latte Art Champion 2015 and National Thailand Latte Art Champion 2016. Ristr8to is inspired by the specialty coffee culture around the world especially in Australia. Also, it is an independently unique culture concept cafe striving to serve the best coffee in every single cup.

Program B

Station 1: Doi Inthanon Royal Project (โครงการหลวงดอยอินทนนท์)

The Royal Project in Doi Inthanon is to be found in Khun Klang village, close to the park headquarters and about 60 km from Chiang Mai city. The project began back in 1979 to encourage hill tribes to cultivate cash crops instead of growing opium, providing them with training in modern agricultural techniques as well as with all the necessary tools and equipment. Today the agricultural station is home to temperate-climate plants, beautiful flower gardens, a highland trout fishery, plant breeding and multiplication labs, rice terraces, coffee plantations and even a strawberry orchard. All of which are open to the public who are encouraged to come and learn about the station’s important and life-changing work. Visitors can even stay overnight at the Royal Project to explore the beautiful, natural surroundings that include some fantastic trekking trails, hidden waterfalls and and hill-tribe villages. Although open all year round, the best time to visit is right now in the winter months when you can enjoy cooler temperatures and more often than not, clear blue skies.

Station 2: Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (ศูนย์วิจัยเกษตรหลวงเชียงใหม่)

The center sets itself on the area of 450 rais which is surrounded by Inthanon Mountain ranges. Visitors can go sightseeing along the demonstration plant beds, for examples, winter plant beds, coffee beds, coffee hulling manufactories, demonstration beds of Macadamia which originated in Australia. Besides, the center is also doing the nut extraction experiment for making cosmetics as well. Moreover, the center consists of a variety of winter fruits in which visitors also can pick them freshly from the tree for tasting. Furthermore, those bird watchers shouldn’t miss this place because Inthanon mountain is home to various species of birds.

Station 3: Akha Ama Café (ร้านกาแฟอาข่า อาม่า)

The Akha Ama cafe keeps its original easygoing and down-to-earth atmosphere.   All the usual coffees are made at Akha Ama Cafe: espresso, capuccino, latte, americano and mocha. A slightly more unusual coffee, but great to drink on a hot April day in Chiang Mai, is the shakerato: a -double espresso shaken, not stirred, in a cocktail shaker full of ice. The Akha Ama cafe also has a special way of making an Irish coffee where the coffee actually still contains the alcohol of the Jameson whisky instead of having it all evaporate away as mostly happens. Not only is there coffee but the cafe also has a variety of teas and fruit juices to select from. Delicious cakes and muffins are made fresh every day.