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On behalf of the Conference’s organizing committee, it is a great pleasure and honor for me to extend a warm welcome to you to the very first ASEAN Coffee Industry Development Conference (ACID) which will be convened in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand during 22 – 25 November 2018. The Conference will be jointly hosted by Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Department of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Extension, Chiang Mai Province and Horticultural Science Society of Thailand (HSST).

This very first Conference of its kind is to be held under the theme of Coffee Industry Sustainability in ASEAN with the ultimate goal to promote sustainability in ASEAN’s coffee industry which has been gaining more and more importance over time. ASEAN, itself, has been ranked among the world’s top coffee producer and consumers. Vietnam and Indonesia were ranked second and fourth coffee producers in the world, respectively; whereas Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines are among the world’s top 50 countries in coffee consumption.

Thailand, as the host country of this particular Conference, has been working on becoming one of the leading quality coffee producers and traders in ASEAN and eventually in Asia and the world. With Thailand supporting policy of “The Coffee Strategies of 2017-2021”, the Conference will create a platform for further implementation in the near future not only in the domestic boundaries, but also in international stages. Moreover, the ACID is expected to raise stakeholders’ awareness of the importance of upstream coffee farmers and fair trade.

The ACID Conference, will feature Technical Program including research presentation, Exhibition showcasing related innovation and technologies in the coffee industry for entrepreneurs, sellers and buyers who are interested in exploring business opportunities and investing in innovative ideas for further development of the coffee industry and even connecting to their own business. In addition, Coffee Contest and Barista Competition are the special events organized at the Conference to invite certified coffee professionals since one of the Conference’s objectives is to promote the holistic industry from upstream to downstream sector. The Conference attendants can also join Technical and Cultural Tour organized right after the Conference to explore Chiang Mai where there are coffee development centers, factories and coffee shops. In the meantime, participants can immerse themselves in Chiang Mai’s rich unique culture, traditional heritage, as well as many fascinating tourist attractions.

Conference attendants will have an opportunity to share knowledge and experience, as well as have space for an open dialogue or even a business discussion with other attendants from different sectors in the industry. Hence, ACID will enable the industry’s stakeholders to promote new knowledge and innovation for further development, especially in the changing environment which affects coffee production, and to discuss and take the latest international trade and investment policies into consideration for sustainable business management and opportunities.

I believe all the activities provided and the Conference, itself, would make your visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand a worthwhile experience. I look forward to welcoming you to our milestone Conference of the coffee industry.

ANANTA DALODOM, Chairman ASEAN Coffee Industry Development Conference (ACID)