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Coffee has been ranked the second highest value of the world’s agricultural products after petroleum, with continuous growth since the 1980s. In addition, the world’s coffee consumption has grown by 1.2% per year. According to the 2015 report of International Coffee Organization (ICO), there are approximately 9 million metric tons of coffee produced by 70 countries per year providing jobs and income to over 25 million people worldwide especially coffee growers in Africa, Latin America, South America and the ASEAN countries.

Although ASEAN is one of Asia’s sub-regions with 10 country members, its coffee production and export competitiveness is significant, not to mention the fact that ASEAN is also one of the top coffee consuming regions of the world.

With respect to ASEAN coffee production, according to ICO report (2013), there were two countries in ASEAN, Vietnam and Indonesia, that were ranked number two and number four, respectively, in the top five coffee producers in the world. Furthermore, Department of Agriculture of Thailand also reported that Vietnam is the world’s number one producer of Robusta coffee. Thailand’s coffee bean and instant coffee product export has continuously increased by 1.66% per year from 2010 to 2015.

According to Euromonitor International, there were four countries in ASEAN ranked in top 50 countries of the world in terms of coffee consumption, Singapore (#36), Thailand (#41), Malaysia (#45) and the Philippines (#49). In addition, with geographical advantages, ASEAN has a good opportunity to be engaged in coffee business with other Asian countries, for instance, South Korea, Japan, and China especially Japan which is the third largest coffee importer in the world with the growth rate of 3.5% per year (after the European Union and the United States).

ASEAN coffee industry network has been officially formed by the establishment of the ASEAN Coffee Federation (ACF) in 2011. At present, Thailand plays an important role in ACF, as Mr. Meechai Amornpathanakul, President of Barista Association of Thailand, has served as Vice President of ACF. ACF Board and members consist of coffee organizations in ASEAN and country alliances related to both coffee producers and consumers. There are various activities being organized among those involved in the coffee industry for enhancing regional coffee industry standards for global and regional markets, promoting specialty coffee in ASEAN and coffee producers’ quality of life improvement including promoting quality coffee consumption.

For Thailand, the government has been supporting the coffee business through “The Coffee Strategies of 2017-2021” for Thailand “to be one of the leading quality coffee producers and traders in ASEAN and step into the world market under the good image of Thai coffee”, focusing on promoting Thailand to be one of ASEAN coffee trade centers and increasing domestic coffee production efficiency by reducing production costs and decreasing natural resource exploitation, developing the network between farmers and entrepreneurs including promoting the image and quality of Thai coffee with international standards.

For driving “The Coffee Strategies of 2017-2021” of Thailand into action, the host organizations are: (1) Committee on Agricultural Policy and Planning for Agricultural Cooperatives working on formulating a systematic coffee development policies; (2) The Coffee Working Group under the Horticulture Sub-committee, Department of Agriculture, working on effective implementation of the Coffee Strategies and monitoring the relevant projects.

In addition, under “The Coffee Strategies of 2017-2021” of Thailand, various responsible agencies have been designated, namely, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives; Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; Ministry of Science and Technology; Department of Agriculture; Department of Agricultural Extension; Land Development Department; Agricultural Land Reform Office; Office of Agricultural Economics; The National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards; The Food and Drug Administration; Thai Royal Project Foundation; academic institutions; and relevant organizations from the private sector.

Moreover the Industrial Promotion Center Region 1, Department of Industrial Promotion, located in Chiang Mai Province, has initiated the coffee development program for coffee-related entrepreneurs in the upper northern region of Thailand, in the form of the “Coffee Cluster”, to enhance the competitiveness and economic development of the country.

1st ASEAN Coffee Industry Development Conference 2018 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has been created aiming to develop academic cooperation between public sector and private sector in ASEAN. Also for promoting knowledge and innovations for coffee business development, seeking for fresh coffee business opportunities in the region under the context of ASEAN, the changing environment which affects coffee production, the latest international trade & investment policies including related technologies from the upstream sector to the downstream sector, as well as creating a platform for promoting “The Coffee Strategies of 2017-2021” of Thailand for further understanding and cooperation from all local and international stakeholders.

  1. To support the implementation of Thailand’s “Coffee Strategies of 2017-2021” by
    1. ) Promoting cooperation among ASEAN countries for the development of coffee production and processing technologies;
    2. ) Promoting cooperation among organizations from public sector and private sector where academic institutes, entrepreneurs and farmers in ASEAN countries are included, to collectively analyze and develop the inclusive development plan for ASEAN coffee industry from the upstream sector to the downstream sector;
    3. ) Promoting innovative and up-to-date knowledge to maximize the value and productivity of ASEAN coffee in sustainable and efficient ways;
    4. ) Promoting the good image and quality of local coffee products with international standards.
  2. To create business opportunities for ASEAN coffee industries from the upstream sector to the downstream sector on the regional academic platform.

Coffee Industry Sustainability in ASEAN

1. Agriculture ASEAN Environmental Challenge and Coffee Productivity
2. Factory & Co-Products and Investment Innovation for Increasing Coffee Industry Efficiency
3. Trade Trade Policies in ASEAN and New Competitiveness in Coffee
4. Marketing Coffee Consumption and Trade in Specialty Coffee in ASEAN
5. ASEAN Community & Partnership ASEAN Coffee Alliance – Collective Impact for Sustainable Coffee Communities

1. Technical Program

1.1 Plenary Session
The Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand will preside over the conference.
1.1.1 Keynote Speech by key players and influencers from the global and regional coffee societies
1.1.2 ASEAN Dialogue by the panel of well-known coffee professionals in ASEAN involved in the regional challenges of coffee industry. This activity aims for knowledge and experience sharing with audiences including developing agreements on research and academic projects for the inclusive development of ASEAN coffee industry.
1.2 Executive Session
This meeting consists of executives from related organizations and coffee associations from both public and private sectors in Thailand aiming for constructive discussion on how to address key challenges of the industry in Thailand. The result of this meeting will be concluded and proposed to all relevant public organizations for collectively developing the coffee industry at the national platform.
1.3 Research Presentation
The oral presentation and the poster presentation from researchers across the region.

2. Technical and Cultural Tour
The technical visit to important coffee development centers, factory and attractive coffee shops in Chiang Mai

3. Exhibition

3.1 Government Exhibition

  • Present the on-going coffee development projects of government agencies and non-profit associations;
  • Provide information and promote Thailand’s “Coffee Strategies for 2017-2021”.
  • Provide comprehensive information on coffee business in ASEAN;
  • Provide participants consultation for coffee business development in ASEAN;

3.2 Trade Exhibition
More than 50 local and ASEAN regional trade exhibit booths aiming for innovation showcase and regional business matching.

4. Barista Competition
The regional coffee bean contest and barista competition inviting certified coffee professionals in ASEAN to be the judges and inviting international and domestic entrepreneurs in the region to participate in this event

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